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Marshall Foundation Grant Request Portal

Marshall Foundation, established in 1930 by Louise Marshall, seeks to enhance the lives of the citizens of Tucson, AZ and Pima County through its support of charitable and educational institutions.

Funding Focus

The Foundation focuses its community giving on early childhood through undergraduate education and supportive wrap-around social services for underserved populations. We also fund projects, programs and scholarships at the University of Arizona, including post-secondary levels.

The letter of interest (LOI) form is for $25,000 and higher grant requests only. If you are seeking funds for less than that $25,000 please contact Kay Hoenig at [email protected].

Marshall Foundation reserves the right to award grants at its sole discretion.

Annual Grant Round Process

Grant Requests are considered at the beginning of the year through a formal, online process using the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the project to the Marshall Foundation’s mission and giving focus
  • Completeness of the application
  • Availability of funds

The three-step online process is as follows:

  • Organization Registration (One-time only per email address)
  • Application Form / Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Full Proposal (Upon Invitation only)

2024 Timeline

January – May 2024

  • January 23rd: Call for LOIs (Grant Submission Portal open on this date)
  • February 13th by 11:59 pm: LOIs due
  • March 5th: Notice for full proposal invitation
  • March 26th by 11:59 pm: Full proposal due
  • April 26th: Notice of funding decision

** All dates are subject to change **

Prerequisites for Consideration

In order to be considered for funding by the Marshall Foundation, the organization seeking support must:

  • Be an established 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit corporation.
  • Have a project that will take place in Pima County or benefit residents of Pima County, AZ.
  • Have submitted a formal application through an online process

Marshall Foundation will not accept requests for support for projects outside of Pima County or for specific individuals.

Out of Cycle Funding

In some years there may be funding available outside the regular funding cycle. If your need is for less than $25,000 or you are out-of-cycle you may email Kay Hoenig at [email protected].

For Additional Information

For any questions regarding Marshall Foundation funding priorities or process, please contact Kay Hoenig at [email protected].

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